Profession Stems from the Die Casting Industry

Mr. You Jia long, the founder of Casking , has been engaged in the aluminum-magnesium die casting industry for 30 years. He introduced the advanced die-casting equipment from Europe and Japan, and implemented the robotic automatic grinding, deburring, and precision CNC processors, dedicating to improving the environment of the traditional die casting industry.

Continuous Research and Development

Over the years, Casking has been devoted to improving and developing the related equipment required by the die-casting industry, including the closed dissolution furnace for aluminum alloy, metal ingot preheating feeder, robot servo spray module system, fully controlled dual-fluid servo sprayer…etc., which have been successfully developed and put into production use, and obtained a number of global patents from "Europe, America, Japan, Korea", etc..

Environmental Protection and Energy Saving

The metal die-casting belongs to the traditional 3K industry. Over the years, the issues of high energy consumption and high pollution have been criticized by the society. Casking is at a green era of environmental protection, energy saving, efficiency, and innovation. We use the R&D spirit to develop many energy-saving equipment that can effectively reduce pollution, reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency, and to respond to the energy-saving products expected by the die-casting industry.

Persistence stems from the Original Profession

Casking gathered the professionals in all fields of the industry, full participating and controlling from design to manufacturing, assembly, and testing. We have a full set of die-casting production equipment, and we use our own experience and actual manufacturing experience in the metal die-casting industry to discover and solve the problems through R&D and design abilities to achieve the spirit of Quality First.